Jaclyn Newns is a spiritual director and retreat consultant based in the Philadelphia area. As a campus minister at Saint Joseph’s University, she supports students through Christian Life Communities and weekend retreat experiences grounded in encountering Ignatian Spirituality through the Arts.

With a passion for sacred space design, she creates intentional environments that lend themselves toward introspection, brave dialogue and transformative prayer experiences. Jaclyn engages parish groups and young adult circles into creative reflection with photography, watercolor, clay, and mixed media.

Jaclyn has presented in a variety of venues including the 2018 Saint Joseph’s University Ignatian Spirituality and Leadership Conference on Spiritual Direction for Millenials and the 2019 Boston College Women’s Summit on Self-Awareness as a Spiritual Practice. In June 2019, she will be speaking at the Office of Ignatian Spirituality Symposium on Ignatian Spiritual Direction at Fordham University.

For more information on her ministry and pastoral offerings, go to jaclynnewns.wixsite.com/redseeds.



March 3, 2019

Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

We need to image God as a vine grower and gardener admiring us, proud of us. If we really believe that we are worthy of God delighting in us and rejoicing in us, then we have to delight and rejoice in ourselves - and each other.

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